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The new company from the creator of Linking Arts, Wedocracy, and hundreds of other web & mobile apps, websites, systems integrations & more, specializing in the film/media and startups industries...

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Why film & media in particular?

With about 10 years in the film business - from production, to post-production, publicity and finally the world of film festivals - Peter has extensive experience with Hollywood and independent movies, music videos, even kung-fu videos, and everything that surrounds them. When you talk about rushes or dailies, edit logs, or PAs raiding the craft service table, you’re talking with somebody who knows what you mean.

Now connect that background with double that time in the Web & software business, and you’ve got an unbeatable one-two punch. Check in with us and let’s do this.

Why startups?

We've built startups and launched our own ("social networks for wedding planning"). We built and grew a product of our own. We have been through the pitch-building, fundraising merry-go-round. We feel your pain - and know where some of those bumps in the road are waiting.

Put yourself in trustworthy hands with us. We can help guide you to making wise decisions in all areas of tech, even some of business. And we have some strong contacts if needed.

what will we do?

Strategic consulting & implementation

With over 20 years in the business working with clients in the USA, Europe, the UK and Mexico, I can lead you, your company, or your organization, confidently to what you need to do. Then I have a crack team of superheroes to help you do it.

— Peter Jacobson, CEO, peter@spider-he-man.com

Company Name, Branding & Art Direction by the brilliant, multi-faceted & multi-talented Tobi Wilde of Glorious Earth Landscapes

Otherworldly, No BS Strategic Analysis and Consulting

In more than 2 decades (yes, DECADES) of shaping products and initiatives of all sizes and scopes, Peter has seen it all. He's fought demons, escaped from bottomless pits of monsters, and come through battle-scarred but stronger than ever before. He's ready to bring those hard-won lessons to battle on your behalf.

If you need software development, we build...

  • Websites
  • Web Applications
  • Hybrid Web + Mobile apps
  • Software Systems, Integrations & Automation
  • Sales and Support Bots

If you need branding & marketing assets or campaigns, we design...

  • Logos, business cards, ads
  • Web & Mobile Graphics, Layout & UX
  • Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc)
  • Email Newsletters & Campaigns (Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, etc)

Your resounding victory (aka product launch) is only the beginning. Once your project or campaign is live and ready for business, it's time for YOU to get up and running with it. We'll be there ready by the hotline to take you to the next level.

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